STAR Turbine

STAR understands turbine distortion better than anyone else in the industry. 

Proudly celebrating 30 years in business meeting our clients needs! 

                                                           STAR 30 Years


Industry Challenges

  • Aging fleet of turbines
  • Improper maintenance
  • Compromised design clearances
  • Energy losses due to worn packing
  • Increased cost of turbine parts
STAR Solution

Performance: Restoring critical design clearances to regain efficiency

Quality: OEM parts, customized to each turbine to master distortion

Expertise: Dedicated in-house and on-site teams run the job for you

You'll Love Our Team

  • On a mission to master turbine distortion
  • Focused on upgrading turbine efficiencies
  • Expert at customizing packing to regain efficiencies
  • Parts machined from OEM grade raw materials  

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