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Shaft rubbing creates frictional heat which then causes bowed rotors. STAR’s Retractable Packing is designed to have greater radial clearance at start-up, prior to going through the first critical. As the steam flow increases in the turbine, the steam pressure behind the packing ring overcomes the spring and friction forces, causing the packing ring to close to the desired radial clearance, while avoiding any contact between the rotor and packing teeth. 

Retractable Seals

Retractable Steam Turbine Ring

Retractable Seals

Retractable Turbine Packing Ring

Retractable Packing Rings for Steam Turbines

  • Greatly reduces steam leakage
  • Can improve heat rate 1% – 2% 
  • Can increase kw output 2% – 3% 
  • Eliminates rubs at start-up
  • No modifications to the rotor or packing holders needed
  • Field proven in over 800 units

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