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STAR’s Sensitized Steam Turbine Packing is designed to allow the packing ring segment to float on coil springs which readily yield if the rotor makes contact with the packing ring segments. The springs are “sensitized” to accommodate the specific pressures and forces that exist on each packing segment. 

Sensitized Steam Turbine Packing with Coil Springs

Sensitized Seals

Sensitized Steam Turbine Packing Installed in an LP Packing Gland

Sensitized Packing Ring


  • Greatly reduces steam leakage
  • Can be used in any location of the steam turbine
  • Reduces packing tooth wear by 50% 
  • Reduces rotor heating from rubs 5:1
  • No modifications to the rotor or packing holders needed
  • Field proven in both the U.S and China

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