STAR Process

Addressing distortion is not an exact science, or a single part, it's an expert process.  

A single manufactured seal, or a series of up-front measurements, cannot fix distortion issues. Distortion is not an exact science nor is it simply addressed by plugging data into a computer. Addressing distortion is a process. Small changes in seal design will have a massive impact on performance. STAR knows this and is facing these issues head on for our customers through a battle tested process that gets the job done and gets results.

1) Distortion Assessment

Distortion is properly addressed through a fact-finding process; driven by an experienced field team and a talented in-house engineering department who know what to look for, who to talk to, and what questions to ask.

2) Collaboration

Distortion cannot be dealt with in a vacuum; alignment resources and customers must be involved. Every step in the process, from engineering, to manufacturing, to installation; will weigh-in to overcome the challenges of distortion.


3) Products

STAR has invested in technologically advanced manufacturing equipment and product technology. Each ring is custom designed from OEM grade metals, 100% inspected and shipped in protective containers.


 4) Installation

Every part of the STAR process has been designed to identify and address distortion. The final step guarantees results. Improper installation could reduce expected gains or create long term damage. STAR’s experienced field team goes that final step to ensure the investment in new parts will deliver results.

5) Results

With STAR you should expect parts to be delivered and installed on time and on budget, a smooth start-up and greater turbine efficiency. 




The STAR FIELD FITTM team is highly trained in the geometry of packing, the packing holder, and its impact on turbine performance.

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